ACT is called, ordained, and anointed by God to bring the body of Christ into a prosperous relationship with Him.


To train and develop Christ-like disciples in their God-given gifts and callings.


To Connect People to God for Life Transformations.


PRAYER - The secret sauce to everything we do.  It is the lifeline and life source for living a power filled life. It is also the way we communicate with our heavenly Father, and the foundation for leading us to the next great awakening of revival with signs, miracles, and wonders.


WORSHIP - Is the reason we were created.  It is for God's glory that we strive to live a life which reflects our full expression of His worth.

THE WORD OF GOD - Our final authority of which we live by and stand upon its truth for the relevancy of our lives.

COMMUNITY - We believe the body of Christ is made up of people from all generations, ethnicities, demographics, and statuses.  We strive to build a community that reflects the Kingdom of God with healthy people by bridging gaps between generations and cultural barriers. 

LOVE - We believe a life demonstrating the love God is the key to unlocking the hearts of man to God so that transformation happens from the inside out by the Holy Spirit.

GENEROSITY - We freely and cheerfully give because Jesus was given for us.


HONOR - We honor and esteem those God has placed in our lives as leaders as well as those worthy of honor because of a life well lived before God in reverence.  We believe the up to success is through the humility of our honor.  Therefore, we honor up, we honor down, and we honor all the way around.



Pastor Edward Jones

Pastor Edward is the Founder and Senior Pastor  of Action Chapel Tulsa. He was called into the ministry in 1978 in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia. He was trained under Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. and is a Rhema Bible Training Center graduate in 1992. As a servant-leader, Pastor Edward has spent the past 30 years being faithful, loyal, dedicated and committed to serve and help other pastors to fulfill their God given vision. In December of 2011, Pastor Edward was elevated as Senior Pastor of Action Chapel Tulsa.

Pastor Edward's three greatest emphasis are: the importance of the written word of God, prayer, and worship.  His strong prayer life enables him to minister powerfully in the demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders. Since Pastor Edward began pastoring in December 2011, he has seen countless miracles take place during ACT’s weekly church services. His heart is to see sinners saved, the sick healed, and restoration to all that are hurting and broken. Pastor Edward has been divinely mandated to train and develop Christ-like disciples in their God given gifts and callings.  He and his wife, Geraldine serve together as a team. They have impacted hundreds of lives, through discipleship, bible studies, and prayer groups. Pastor Edward endeavors to impact our community, country, and the world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His highest goal is to fulfill ALL that God has called him to do.

Pastor Geraldine Jones

is a native of Alabama, where she grew up in a Pastor’s home. Her father was a Baptist Pastor and her mom directed the choir and played the piano. It is the prayers of her Godly parents that shaped and molded her into the woman of God that she is today.

Pastor Geraldine attended Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama and holds a Bachelor's and

Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. As a career teacher, Geraldine has spent the past 25 years impacting and educating over 1,000 students. She realized that as an educator she was preparing future leaders such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, judges, entrepreneurs, or the next President of the United States. Therefore, it has been her goal to help each student maximize their highest potential.  Some of Pastor Geraldine’s honors and awards include Teacher of the year 2012-2013 and Teacher of the Year 2003-2004. She was also the winner of her hometown beauty pageant 1974-1975. Also, Pastor Geraldine and her husband Pastor Edward are both 1992 graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center.

Pastor Geraldine’s mission is to spend the rest of her life giving people hope, encouragement, empowerment, and inspiring them to reach their maximum potential while serving and treating people with the utmost level of dignity and respect. Above all of her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry, children, and family her primary purpose.

Pastor Geraldine and her husband have three precious children, daughter Shanntae, and twin sons Israel and Emmanuel.



John Williams

Lead Pastor

Shanntae Williams

Business Pastor


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Action Chapel Tulsa (ACT)  is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church whose primary focus is to build the Kingdom of God.  Our mandate is to help people connect to God through strategic prayer and worship and through the teaching of the Word. We believe God for the supernatural signs and wonders of His miracles and believe it is our position to be stewards of revival in this next great awakening. 

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