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During our weekend experience, you can expect to join in worship with many people like yourself.  We are a church that embraces the whole body of Christ.  We believe in multiple generations and cultures worshipping together as one body and that no one is exempt from experiencing God's love.  We expect your life to be changed when you encounter God in one of our weekend gatherings. 


Every famous restaurant is known to have a dish with its secret ingredients and special sauce.  At ACT, our secret sauce is PRAYER.  We believe in the power of prayer and how prayer can be both strategic and impactful to any persons life, family, and sphere of influence.  Prayer is the foundation and lifeline to everything we do.  It is part of our DNA and you can expect to experience it in the life

of each gathering.



Connecting to a local church can be a challenge for many people for different reasons.  Our ACT CONNECT is a way for anyone desiring to have community and fellowship centered around the word of God with a little fun.  We meet Tuesday evenings at 7PM and invite you to attend one of our meetings. Visit our welcome center for more information.



Action Chapel Tulsa (ACT)  is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church whose primary focus is to build the Kingdom of God.  Our mandate is to help people connect to God through strategic prayer and worship and through the teaching of the Word. We believe God for the supernatural signs and wonders of His miracles and believe it is our position to be stewards of revival in this next great awakening. 

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